Vaporesso Target 200 Starter Kit

Vaporesso Target 200 Starter Kit

Vaporesso is one of the most prominent brands in the vape world. The previous versions are the Target Mini 2 kit and the Target PM80 Pod. The Target range is back in force with three new Kits. Target 200 is one of the most powerful of the previous versions. A double 18650 battery box with a unique design accompanies the gigantic iTank clearomizer (8ml).

Characteristics Of The Target 200 Kit – Vaporesso

  • Power: 5 to 220W
  • Battery Type: 2 X 18650 (not supplied)
  • Clearomizer Capacity: 8ml
  • Dimensions of the Target: 200 BOXHeight: 89.6mm
  • Diameter: 33.7mm
  • Weight: 124g


ITank Dimensions


  • Height: 54mm
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Draw-Type: Direct Inhalation (DL)
  • Charging: USB-C (5V/2A)

Presentation of the Box Target 200 – Vaporesso


Waterproof Covering

The Box of Target 200 is quite impressive. The box has an electronic coating not present in the previous versions. Vaporesso has chosen a waterproof braided fabric covering, which is pleasant to the touch and the eye.



It is more compact as compared to the majority of double battery Boxes. The Mod Target 200 measures 89.6mm in height for a diameter of 33.7mm. According to Vaporesso, its Kit would be 16% more compact and lighter than the average. The Kit is called Target 200, but this high-end box actually has a maximum power of 220W!



The hatch is present under the box, and it provides easy access to the cradle to accommodate 2*18650 batteries (not supplied). The direction of Polarity is clearly present on the internal part of the hatch. The circular connection plate is located at the top of the box, and it is designed to accommodate a 25mm diameter clearomizer. This plate is slightly raised to facilitate the manipulation of the Airflow ring of the tank clearomizer.


Display and Interface of the Box Target 200 Vaporesso


The front of the Mod Target 200 is almost similar to that of the Box Target 100! It is not surprising since these two models share the same Axon V2.1 chipset. Except for a bit of difference in batteries, Target 200 has two battery indicators instead of just one on the Target 100. The Fire button, the three adjustment buttons and the USB-C port are present in the lower part.


The screen displays the following essential information after five quick presses on the fire button:

  • Power in Watts (and in Volts)
  • Battery life
  • How to use
  • Resistance value in Ohms
  • Puff counter and time in seconds of each puff


Modes and Use of the Box Target 200 Vaporesso


The box is specially designed for power vapes. The Box Target 200 by Vaporesso is suitable for all types of vapers (Beginners to Experts). The user has the choice between 3 Modes. To change the mode indicated in the blue frame, you must make a long press on the middle adjustment button and scroll through the modes with the left and right buttons. Confirm your selection with a press of the Fire button.

  • VWN: Power adjustment between 5 and 220 Watts
  • PUL: This “Pulse” mode sends a pulse every 0.02 seconds for the duration of the puff
  • F(t): Default setting according to the characteristics of the resistor used (ByPass)


Functions of the Box Target 200 Vaporesso


  • Turn on / off the Box: 5 quick presses on the Fire button.
  • Change mode via the interface: Long press on the middle adjustment button + scroll with the left and right buttons.
  • Menu: 3 Quick presses of the Fire button
  • Reset the puff counter: Press the middle adjustment button three times. Click on “System settings” then on “Puff”. Finally, press the “reset” button.

Presentation of the iTank Clearomizer – Vaporesso

Aerien clearomizer produces thick clouds of vape. According to Vaporesso, it is inspired by the design of spaceships. With a height of 54mm for a diameter of 25mm at its base, the iTank clearomizer is distinguished first and foremost by its enormous 8ml Bulb reservoir! Only a few clearomizers offer such capacity. Therefore, it is excellent news for cloud chasers looking for significant autonomy in E-Liquid.


Although it is designed for the vape in direct inhaling (DL), the iTank 8ml clearomizer is strangely crowned with a 510 drip tip. Indeed, this type of drip tip generally finds its place on clearomizers intended for the vape in indirect inhaling (MTL).


This Vaporesso clearomizer has a condensation recovery mechanism to use every mini drop of your precious E-Liquid. Finally, Vaporesso opens the floodgates with a 3-port Airflow system. It is created to maximize air circulation under resistance. This system is adjustable thanks to a sliding ring located at the Tank’s base.


How to fill the Vaporesso iTank Clearomizer?


Like most modern clearomizers, the iTank features an easy top fill system. To access the filling hole, push the upper part of the Tank in the direction of the arrow. The latter is visible under the manufacturer’s logo. For more cleanliness, the filling hole is protected by a silicone membrane. Insert the pipette of your bottle of E-liquid through this membrane and fill it up with 8ml with your favourite E-Liquid!


Compatible with Vaporesso GTI Coils


New Mesh coils are coming to the Vaporesso catalogue. The iTank clearomizer is exclusively compatible with GTI coils! Designed for a powerful and reactive vape in direct inhaling (DL), the GTI coils have a Kanthal Mesh structure. Ideal for large volumes of vapour, these Vaporesso coils are also remarkably efficient in rendering flavours.


There are 2 GTI coils available inside the Target 200 Kit, and these two Mesh coils are available in 2 values:


  • GTI resistance in 0.2 ohms: use  between 60 and 75 Watts
  • GTI resistance in 0.4 ohms: use  between 50 and 60 Watts


No difficulty in changing resistance. These do not have threads and push under the base of the Tank. To replace your used resistor, unscrew the bottom of your iTank clearomizer and gently pull on it to extract it. Push your new coil into the free slot and wait 5 minutes before vaping again.


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