It is pretty impressive that OXVA Brand launched in 2019. In less than two years, the manufacturer has competed with the biggest names in the vape, with its Origin X and Velocity Pods. Led with an iron fist by Justin Lai (former designer of Box Aegis by GeekVape), the brand continues its meteoric rise with an automatic Pod, intended for new vapers: the Pod XLIM! A Compact and minimalist Pod, designed for a vape in indirect inhaling (MTL) and direct restrictive (RDL).

OXVA XLIM Pod System Kit - 900mAh | De Vapours Area



  • Built-in: 900mAh battery
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Height: 111mm
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Weight: 46g
  • Draw Type: Indirect (MTL) and Direct Restrictive (RDL) Inhalation
  • Charging: USB-C (5V/1A)


Presentation of the OXVA XLIM STARTER KIT


OXVA is rolling out the red carpet for new vapers with a minimalist Pod, which requires no technical knowledge. It could have been called SLIM given its wasp waist, but the smart guys at OXVA decided otherwise. Therefore, the Pod XLIM is designed to help smokers say goodbye to tobacco without the shadow of a technical constraint. The main features are a built-in battery, automatic vaporization, and a removable cartridge with a built-in resistor.


With a height of 111mm and a diameter of 14mm, the Pod Xlim is as easy to live with as it is to transport. It also comes with a neck strap with a silicone ring for 100% secure transport. It is part of the lightweight category: 46 grams on the scale for this small Pod with a flat shape and rounded edges. For this, OXVA used an aluminum alloy for the design of its Pod. On the performance side, the Pod XLIM offers comfortable autonomy with a built-in 900 mAh battery and an adjustable power from 5 to 25 Watts.


Having become an expert in all-in-one electronic cigarettes, the OXVA brand has integrated into the Pod XLIM an automatic vaporization system triggered by suction. Therefore, new vapers will have the pleasure of regaining their pulling reflexes without using a button.

An adjustable Airflow system

Customize your airflow with the adjustable airflow system of the OXVA Pod! This system has a small slider, allowing you to close the three ventilation holes gradually. Get a tight or semi-air draw for a vape that suits you!




Although it has an ultra-minimalist design, the Pod XLIM does not deprive itself of anything and incorporates a small control screen as well as a nice Fire button. This button’s five quick presses are required to turn the device on or off. The screen displays the manufacturer’s logo and the firmware version during start-up before giving way to a very readable interface. This shows the following essential information:

  • Power expressed in Watts.
  • Battery life
  • Resistance value
  • Puff counter (auto reset after every power off)


Power settings


The PHOTON chip automatically calculates the ideal power, and it depends on the type of cartridges used. OXVA offers the user the possibility of managing his power settings. To do this, press the Fire button three times quickly to make the power indicated in Watts flash on the screen. Then, each pulse on this same button increases the value in increments of 0.5 Watts. This value resets to 5 Watts once the 25W limit is exceeded.

Two compatible cartridges with integrated resistors!

OXVA simplifies maintenance operations to the maximum thanks to cartridges with integrated resistors. Indeed, resistance change is an operation that often worries beginner vapers. With the Pod XLIM, you have to change the cartridge when the volume of vapor or the intensity of the flavors is less present.


The XLIM Cartridges are available in 2 versions and have two magnets allowing them to be firmly attached to the top of the Pod. They are equipped with a removable mouthpiece and a 2ml PCTG reservoir. These two cartridges are differentiated by a red band and a black band:

  • XLIM 0.8 Ohm cartridge (red band): Easily identifiable thanks to its red border, this cartridge allows a power adjustment between 12 and 16W.
  • XLIM 1.2 Ohm cartridge (black): Black in color, this cartridge allows a power adjustment between 10 and 12W. Ideal for a tight pull in indirect inhaling (MTL).



How to refill XLIM cartridges?

  • Using your fingernails, remove the black cap from your cartridge via the side notches
  • Insert the pipette of your E-Liquid bottle into the opening protected by a silicone valve
  • Fill up with 2ml of E-Liquid.
  • Clip the black colored mouthpiece again


What to do when the vape tastes burnt?


The burnt taste of the vape is because we have not waited long enough to start vaping. For this reason, it is essential to wait the 5 or 10 minutes that each manufacturer recommends so that the liquid adequately soaks the corresponding element. In any case, the burning can also be due to the deterioration of the expired soaker. In this case, we only have to change that element for a spare part to recover the excellent taste when smoking.


Why is my vape leaking?


The fact that vape leaks can be due to several causes. The most common is an excess of filling inside it. Another common cause is a false closure of the tank, which causes leaks. Both causes are easy to solve without too much effort. If the reservoir breaks, you can fix it by buying a new reservoir and putting in some work to change it.


How to clean vape?


You need to open the product tank and clean it carefully with clean water, letting it dry well before putting it back. We must also clean the mouthpieces and the rest of the elements of the smoking process with clean water, without forgetting to replace those necessary elements. However, you can extend these replacement intervals if you accurately follow the cleaning process indicated in the product instructions.

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