Nautilus Prime X Pod Review

Nautilus Prime X Pod Review

Aspire modernizes its concept and presents its version 2.0 with the Pod Nautilus Prime X! It has a trendy design, vastly improved autonomy, and two cartridges for compatibility with maximum resistance. Aspire inspires itself brilliantly and offers an all-in-one electronic cigarette with the latest built-up technology.


NAUTILUS POD Vape is a product designed to provide a rich and flavorful flavor and a strong throat hit. The device is a closed-loop, self-contained system, which also comes with its magnetic charging cable.

Nautilus Prime X Pod Review Excellence 2.0

The Manufacturer now enjoys an excellent reputation, thanks to electronic cigarettes that are increasingly reliable and easy to use. Always on the right track, the brand was able to jump on the bandwagon in 2020 with the arrival of all-in-one electronic cigarettes, known today as Pods!


With the Nautilus Prime X Pod, Aspire presents version 2.0 of the Nautilus Prime Pod. A new version with a modernized design improves the vaping experience compared to the qualities of its previous version.

Height and Weight

From one model to another, the dimensions are exactly the same! We must say that the first edition of this pod already had a very compact format, a more than important criterion for modern-day vapers. It has a height of 91mm for a weight of 110g. You can easily carry the Pod Nautilus Prime X without difficulty.

Leather Handle

This new version retains its “Block” appearance. It is an aesthetic choice with a beautiful padded handle in imitation leather. The leather aspect has been very trendy lately.

Adjustment Buttons

The Aspire chose to move the adjustment buttons and the Fire button to the side of the pod. The front panel now gives way to a large 0.96″ TFT color screen. The user experience is improved, thanks to a more complete and more readable interface.

Battery Life

The battery life is greatly improved, thanks to the addition of a compartment designed to receive a 18650 battery (not supplied)! The Nautilus Prime X Pod has an adjustable power of 60 Watts and is offered an autonomy of around 3000 mAh, against 2000 mAh on its previous version. The pod is totally secure. The hatch requires thumb pressure forward to open.

Airflow System

The front of the pod system has the same Airflow system as the first edition. This one is characterized by a small knob adjustable in 3 positions and a rectangular air inlet placed above this one. Three punches of different diameters indicate the degree of opening to enjoy multiple pulling sensations for direct (DL) or indirect (MTL) inhalation.

Cartridge Reservoir

The Nautilus Prime X Pod retains one of the significant advantages of its previous version, which is full visibility of the cartridge reservoir for easy control of the level of E-Liquid.

Fast Charging

Finally, the pod is equipped with a USB Type-C port for fast recharging of the 18650 battery in 2A. To preserve the quality and usage of your battery, we recommend using an external battery charger.


The Pod Nautilus Prime X offers a very intuitive color interface equipped with the excellent Smart ASP chipset. The user now has access to very readable essential information:

  • Battery life (also shown as a percentage)
  • The power in Watts and the voltage expressed in Volts (V)
  • The value of the resistor used (R) and the recommended setting range
  • The vape mode selected
  • The number of puffs

Powering up the pod requires five quick presses of the Fire button. The interface is customizable in 5 color themes: Blue / Green / Orange / Red / Purple. The Pod menu also offers the possibility of modifying the screen’s brightness via the “Brightness” option.

Modes of use

The Nautilus Prime X Pod menu is accessed by long-pressing the + and – buttons on the sides. The user can thus take advantage of 4 modes to personalize his style of vape:

  • AUTO mode: Power adjustable but restricted according to the capacities of the resistance used. The resistance value is recognized, and the power is adjusted automatically
  • Watts mode: Adjustable power up to 60W and unrestricted. Convenient when using an RBA cartridge!
  • Voltage mode: Power displayed in Volts
  • Bypass mode: Power not adjustable. Value automatically adjusted according to your resistance.

Nautilus Prime X Pod Cartridges

Aspire has designed two different cartridges to offer users a vast choice of compatible coils. These two cartridges come with a removable 510 drip tip. They are easy to use, and you can clip them onto the top of the pod to gently remove them by pulling them upwards.

Nautilus Pod Cartridge

The Nautilus Pod cartridge has a 4.5ml reservoir. It has a removable 510 Drip tip compatible with the famous BVC Nautilus and Triton Mini coils. Available in many powers, these coils allow a versatile vape in direct or indirect inhaling (DL or MTL). A small metal ring (supplied) is screwed onto the base of your resistance, then pushes the assembly under the base of the cartridge.

BP Pod Cartridge

The BP Pod cartridge has a tank with a capacity of 4ml. It is made up of Nylon compatible with BP Coil’s resistors. These particularly reactive resistances have a Mesh structure for uniform and faster heating! Unlike the Nautilus Pod cartridge, the BP Pod cartridge does not require a metal ring to adapt to the BP Coils resistors. The latter does not have a thread, and they simply push under the cartridge.


How to Fill the Nautilus Prime X Pod Cartridges?

The two cartridges delivered in the Kit have the same filling system. A protective silicone tab protects the filling hole giving access to the inside of the tank. It is advisable to separate your cartridge from the Nautilus Prime X Pod to fill it up with E-Liquid.


To do this, gently remove the protective tab and insert the pipette from your bottle of E-Liquid inside the filling hole. Once this operation has been carried out, don’t forget to close your tank tightly using the tab!

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