Geekvape L200 Aegis Legend 2 200W Starter Kit

Geekvape L200 Aegis Legend 2 200W Starter Kit

Since 2015, Geek Vape has experienced a meteoric rise since the brand’s creation! The main success range is Aegis electronic cigarettes. A worthy successor to the first Aegis Legend Kit, the Aegis Legend 2 Kit (L200) raises the bar a notch! It is 30% lighter and 15% more compact. The Box Aegis Legend 2 presents a brand new design. It comes with the Z Subohm 2021 Clearomiser, a new edition of the famous Zeus Subohm Tank.

Aegis Legend 2 (L200) Kit Features – Geek Vape

  • 2*18650 batteries (not supplied)
  • Power: 5 – 200 Watts
  • Clearomiser Capacity: 5.5ml
  • Height: 140mm
  • Box diameter: 28mm
  • Clearomiser diameter: 24mm
  • Direct (DL) & Direct Restrictive (RDL)
  • Charging: USB-C

Characteristics of Box Aegis Legend 2 (L200)


In 2018, as soon as its release became a success, the Aegis Legend kit (first edition) quickly competed with the large, powerful Kits of great brands like Smok. There is a long list of qualities from which the Aegis Legend 2 Kit (L200) directly dominates. It offers excellent battery life, great power, and a sleek design.



Why L200? Because just like its predecessor, the Box Aegis Legend 2 offers adjustable power from 5 to 200 Watts. It’s more than enough to enjoy the joys of Power Vaping! Therefore, this box is aimed more at expert vapers, with significant needs in terms of autonomy and power.



Height and Diameter

After a dry diet based on low-calorie clouds, the Box Aegis L200 proudly displays its new silhouette. It is 15% more compact than its predecessor, and this one has a height of 90mm for a diameter of 30.5mm.



30% less weight? It is explained by using aluminum and zinc alloy materials and removing the rubber coating. This material is now only used on the lower and upper trays of the box. Rubber coating was one of the drawbacks of the first Box Aegis Legend! Despite the anti-scratch aspect it brought, this coating was a real dust nest and weighed down the Mod considerably.

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Geek Vape crosses a threshold in this field and abandons the IP67 certification for the IP68 certification! Hyper resistant to shocks, water, and dust, the Box Aegis Legend 2 (L200) can now withstand extreme temperatures from -20° to +50°.

Leather Handle

The distinctive sign of the Boxes of the Aegis Geek Vape range, the imitation leather handle is always present for maximum comfort daily, thanks to better ergonomics.


The USB-C Port is cleverly located on the top of the box and protected by a silicone tab. A push-button is present on the battery compartment. Thanks to its rubber coating, it effectively protects your 2*18650 batteries (not supplied).

Front Appearance

The front of the Box Aegis Legend 2 (L200) has a classic appearance: A profiled Fire button, a sizable 1.08″ color screen, and two settings buttons. Finally, Geek Vape integrates the last button on one side of its unbreakable electronic cigarette. In the form of a slide, the latter allows one gesture to lock the box to avoid triggering the vape or modifying its settings inadvertently.

Interface and Modes of the Aegis Legend 2 (L200) Box

UI Overview


More space and more clarity! The ambition of the new 1.08″ TFT screen equips the Box Legend 2. As usual on most electronic cigarettes, five quick presses on the “Fire” button are necessary for a start-up. The famous Geek Vape logo appears and quickly gives way to a high definition interface, which displays the following essential information :

  • How to use
  • Autonomy: symbolized by two battery symbols, each made up of 5 blocks
  • Power in Watts (and voltage in Volts)
  • Value of resistor used.
  • Puff counter

Presentation of the modes

The Mod Aegis Legend 2 includes many adjustment modes that are very easy to learn. To change modes, perform three quick presses on the Fire button. The default mode is thus highlighted, and using the “+” and “–” buttons allow you to scroll through the different modes available:

  • Power Mode: Variable Wattage Mode in 0.5 increments (5 to 200 Watts).
  • TC & TCR mode: Temperature control modes (100 to 315°) on titanium resistors, NI 200 and SS
  • VPC mode: This mode, also called “Curve,” allows you to define a power curve in Watts on a precise timing
  • Bypass mode: An “automatic” mode that adapts to your resistance and battery life
  • Puff counter (time in seconds indicated)


  • On / Off: It offers five quick presses of the Fire button
  • Change mode: 3 quick presses on the Fire button and scroll with the “+” and “-” buttons
  • Increase / Decrease screen brightness: Hold the Fire button and the “+” or “-” button
  • Reset puff counter: Scroll through the modes until you return to “Power” mode, double click the Fire button and press the “+” button.
  • Change the theme color: Hold the “+” and “-” buttons.



The new version of the illustrious Zeus Subohm Tank, the Z Subohm 2021 Clearomiser, honors the God of Lightning! The deity’s hand holding a lightning bolt is engraved on the chimney. This new edition comes with its share of improvements, such as better internal connections (gold-plated pins), as well as a large 5.5ml tank (Bulb).


This clearomizer is intended for the vape in direct inhaling (DL), although its Airflow system allows restricting the two openings to obtain a more restricted draw. Located in the upper part, this “Top Airflow ” brings the Z Subohm 2021 into the category of anti-leak clearomisers! The E-liquid cannot escape through the lower part and remains quietly in your tank.


With a height of 51mm (without drip tip) for a small 26mm in diameter, this aerial clearomiser goes perfectly with the Box Legend 2 (L200). It is equipped with an 810 drip tip and a notched Top Cap, both removable.




How to fill the tank of the Z Subohm 2021 Clearomiser?

Geek Vape does not change its recipe on this point. The Z Subohm 2021 Clearomiser has a removable Top Cap, which you can remove with a quarter turn. Remove the latter part then you can access the tank via two wide slots, ideal for the largest pipettes! Insert the pipette of your E-Liquid and fill your tank.


Coils compatible with the Z Subohm 2021 Clearomiser


Unleash the power of Mount Olympus with Zeus Mesh Coils (Z Series)! Compatible with the Z Subohm 2021 clearomiser. Thanks to their Mesh structure, these powerful coils have a larger heating surface and excellent responsiveness.

The Aegis Legend 2 Kit (L200) comes with two powerful Mesh coils to be able to enjoy different sensations of vape in direct inhaling (DL):

  • Z Series Coil 0.2 ohm: Coil in Mesh. Use between 70 and 80 watts
  • Z Series Coil 0.25 ohm: Double Mesh Coil. Use between 45 and 57 watts

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