Geek vape Aegis Max Zeus Kit

Geek vape Aegis Max Zeus Kit

How far will GeekVape go with its Aegis range of indestructible certified IP67 electronic cigarettes? It would seem that the adventure is far from over. After the release of the Aegis mini, here is the turn of the Aegis Max! As its name suggests, this electronic cigarette sets the bar very high, especially in versatility and autonomy.


Characteristics of Aegis Max Kit


The Aegis max Kit comprises a Box Aegis Max Single battery, compatible with the 21700 and 18650 formats and the famous Zeus Subohm Tank 5ml clearomiser.


What is the point of this Max Aegis edition?

One can indeed ask the question because of the choice offered by the Aegis range of Geek Vape. However, something was missing: versatility with the different battery formats. The Aegis Max kit’s challenge is offering design compatibility 21700 battery format.


Geek vape now offers users the possibility of vaping with an autonomy of more than 4000 Mah on a compact single battery box.

The Aegis Max Box

Slightly heavier than the Box Aegis Solo, the Box Aegis Max has quite correct measurements with a height of 93mm, a diameter of 30mm, and a weight of only 145g.


The front of the box is impressive. The latter finds its place naturally in the palm of the hand. The mix of rubber, zinc alloy, and leather materials are still just as pleasant to the touch and fully contribute to the ultra-modern design that characterizes the Aegis range.

IP67 Certified

The Aegis Max box is IP67 certified. Hence, it is unbeatable in terms of indestructibility. Anti-shock, anti-dust and waterproof, you won’t get over it so quickly.



The Aegis max rises quickly in the turns with reactivity of 0.001 seconds for an adjustable power of 5 to 100 Watts.


The Aegis Max Box is Compatible with 21700 and 18650 Batteries

The Geek vape development team has shown ingenuity by creating an adapter for 18650 batteries to meet the challenge of versatility. Indeed, the Box Aegis Max battery compartment is designed for the 21700 formats. This format is not primarily used. You can easily associate the 18650 battery with the adapter by simply placing it inside.


Modes Available on the Aegis Max Box

Equipped with the AS 100 chipset, the Box Aegis Max has all the necessary security to counter the slightest short circuit and other inconveniences of this kind. The interface is readable and includes all the information expected of a modern box, such as battery life, power, resistance value, or the number of puffs.


You can access the many customization modes available by pressing the Fire button three times and navigating through the menu with the + and buttons :

  • Power Mode: Classic power setting in Watts.
  • TC & TCR mode: Temperature control modes (100 to 315°) on titanium, NI 200, and SS resistances.
  • TC Ti / Ni / SS mode: Temperature control mode with titanium, Ni200, and SS316 resistors.
  • VPC mode: This mode, also called “Curve,” allows you to define a power curve in Watts on precise timing.
  • Bypass Mode: An “automatic” mode that adapts to your resistance and battery life.
  • Puff Counter


Reloading the Aegis Max Box

The Box Aegis has a Micro-USB port protected by a black silicone cover against dust or water splashes. The recharging of the battery is therefore possible in 1.5A, although we advise you to use an external charger to guarantee the maximum life of your batteries.

The Zeus Sub-ohm Tank Clearomizer

The king of Olympus arrives from his cloud in version 4.0 with the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank clearomizer!

Overview Of The Zeus Sub Ohm Tank

It focuses on direct inhaling (DL) for good big clouds in abundance generated by the powerful Mesh Z1 & Z2 coils.


“Bulb” Reservoir vs. “Straight” Reservoir

All in all, the new muse of Geek Vape measures 51mm in height and has a diameter of 26mm for a weight of 66g. Zeus offers an enjoyable capacity of 5 ml with its pre-installed Bulb tank and 3.5 ml with its right tank (supplied).


The Zeus sub-ohm tank is made of stainless steel and has a 510 brass pin, which gives it excellent conductivity and a nice 810 Drip tip for good aerial sensations without risk of burns.

A Top-fill System For Top Filling

Fill up the clearomizer in two steps thanks to the ingenious Top Fill system allowing a clean and fast filling from the top of the reservoir.


You can unscrew the Top Cap of the Zeus Subohm Tank in just a quarter turn. There is no risk of leakage or involuntary opening! Once the Top Cap has been removed, nothing could be easier. Two large slots accommodate the largest pipettes to fill up with E-Liquid. It’s clean, fast and that’s all we expect from a modern clearomizer.

A Top Airflow System

The Airflow system with two openings is embodied by a sliding ring located on the upper part of the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank clearomizer. The ventilation circuit is ingenious. The air goes from the top and rises under the resistance for optimal cooling.

Z1 And Z2 Resistances By Geek Vape

Present in the kit, the two resistors, Zeus Mesh Z1 and Z2, are specially created by Geek Vape to adapt to the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank. Designed in Kanthal Mesh, these two hyper-reactive resistors are devoid of threads and have two O-rings guaranteeing a perfect seal.


On the power side, here is some of the most basic information:

  • Coil Z1 (0.4 ohms): A great and tasty vape with a slightly restrictive draw. It is recommended to use between 60 and 70W.
  • Resistance Z2 (0.2 Ohm): It is a dense and cloudy vape giving pride of place to the volume of vapor. It is recommended to use between 70 and 80W.


Replacing the resistance of the Zeus Subohm Tank Clearomiser does not represent a tremendous technical challenge. Without screws, these resistances are pushed into their housing and extracted with the fingers or with a small key provided. The presence of a small polarizer makes it possible to plug the resistance correctly and efficiently.

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