G-Priv 3 230W by Smok | Starter Kit

G-Priv 3 230W by Smok | Starter Kit

Smoktech recently launched its G-PRIV 3 Kit. A kit with an ultra-modern look. The G-Priv 3 230W is a compact, sleek device with various features. It has a touch screen and side-firing bar that can be used as a button. It also has upgradeable firmware with customization settings and protection for possible short-circuits. It has a 2.4-inch screen and the biggest battery ever.

G-Priv3 Kit: The Future SmokTech Version

The G-PRIV saga becomes a successful trilogy and unveils its new chapter with the G-Priv3 box, equipped for the occasion with the TFV16 Lite clearomizer!


2.4″ Touch Screen

The 2.4″ touch screen is not new to the G-PRIV saga. The two previous versions already included this originality. The two notable developments on this model are The new interface and the improved responsiveness of the tactile aspect. Smok also seems to have been directly inspired by the technology and appearance of current smartphones to design this box.

Superfast USB-C 2A Charging

The G-Priv3 box is a mod operating in double removable 18650 batteries for a maximum power of 230W. The arrival of USB-C allows this super-powerful box to be quickly recharged. However, we recommend using a double battery charger to preserve the life of your 18650 batteries.

Redesign of the Interface

Many beginners & advanced vapers will likely leap with the G-Priv 3. The redesign of the interface is now improved and allows simple configuration of technical parameters. Therefore, you can expand your vaping experience in a playful way without the hassle.


Double Accu Box with an Atypical Design

We can say that the kit’s design does not go unnoticed. The shell motif with an acrylic pearl effect occupies the surface of the removable panel located at the back of the box.

Curve Design

The design of the curves of the box is unique. The chamfered edges present on the edges of the surfaces contribute to the ergonomics and aesthetics of the kit. Both sides of the box are smooth and offer a comfortable grip.


The left side of the box has a huge 2.4″ color touch screen that displays the power in Watts up to 230 on an accurate speedometer.


The surface of the front of the box is occupied by a large trigger used to trigger the vaporization. You can only operate this trigger on its upper part. A secondary button is placed above this trigger. Its function is to lock and unlock the touch screen.

Side Panel

The side panel of the G-Priv3 is removable and hides the dedicated slot for two 18650 batteries (not included). It is equipped with four strong enough magnets to guarantee a perfect hold in the box. The compartment is accessed by lifting the lower part of the panel.

G-Priv3 Box Features

The box lights up in a classic way by pressing the trigger five times. The brand logo appears and gives way to this famous speedometer on a carbon background. The screen resolution is much better than on older G-Priv versions, and the brightness is excellent. The interface has undergone a facelift and indicates the primary information:

  • Menu
  • Autonomy of the two batteries
  • Resistance value
  • Power in volts
  • Puff Counter

Smok’s IQ -G Chipset

Smok’s IQ -G chipset allows you to exploit the full power of the box by customizing the options offered in the menu:

  • VW MODE: This classic adjustment mode allows you to adjust its power in Watts and offers the possibility of customizing the “Preheat” in Soft, Normal, Hard, and Maximum modes.
  • TC MODE: A classic temperature control mode, supporting Ni, Ti, and SS resistors.
  • MY MODE: 4 backup blocks are available to memorize your favorite settings. Very practical when using several clearomizers equipped with different resistances.

The Puff counter is a real personal assistant. You can define a limit of daily puffs and thus precisely monitor your consumption. Finally, the Theme option allows you to change the colors of the menu and specify the timing of screen standbys.


Tfv16 Lite clearomizer from the G-Priv3 Kit

The TFV16 Lite clearomizer is the mini version of the TFV16 by Smoktech. The capacity of its “Bulb” shaped reservoir is 5ml. This steel tank is equipped with a sliding and secure Top cap, which allows a clean and easy filling.

Removable 810 Drip Tip

The removable 810 Drip tip present on the clearomizer is in Delrin to protect the lips from too intense heat. It displays the same acrylic design as the box and harmonizes according to the color selected at the time of purchase.

Double Symmetrical Airflow

The double symmetrical Airflow present at the base of the clearomizer is of “cyclops eye” shape. Its placement promotes the cooling of the resistance by circulating the air directly under the latter.

“Top Fill” System for Top Filling

The TFV16 Lite clearomizer has a sliding Top Cap equipped with a locking system to eliminate the risk of leaks. A discreet button on the top cap allows you to unlock the mechanism and access the filling hole.

The filling hole is elongated. Therefore, it is wide enough to accommodate all types of pipettes and promotes clean filling.

Tfv16 Lite Coils Compatible with the Tfv16 Lite Clearomizer

The TFV16 Lite clearomizer is compatible with the TFV16 Lite coils.

The Mesh structure of these resistors allows rapid and uniform heating of the organic cotton present inside them.


Smoktech includes two resistors in the kit:

  • The TFV16 LITE CONICAL MESH 0.2 Ohm (pre-installed): Large liquid inlets for a warm and tasty vape. The recommended setting is  60W to 85W.
  • The TFV16 LITE DUAL MESH 0.15 Ohm is a double coil structure with two liquid inlets for tasty and massive vapor production. The recommended setting is 60W to 90W.


The significant advantage of these Smoktech resistors is that they are very easy to handle. You only have to pull the old resistor to extract it and push the new one directly into the slot provided under the clearomizer.


Its innovations compared to the older generations of G-Priv give it a certain interest. We appreciate the total redesign of the interface, now clearer and more accessible to beginner vapers, who will enjoy vaping to the fullest.


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