We also have all the supportive instruments for you to keep your device in its best condition. Our store keeps ready to use pre built coils from Coil turd , Wale and Wendy Vapes. We also have coil wires for you to build your own coils. Batteries for your devices are also available for your convenience. Our store also has cotton for a fresh vaping experience. The most important factor that differentiates us from all others is the fact that we have almost all glass tubes for your devices so that if you break or damage yours you have a place to find another glass tube for your device.

Karachi vapers is one of the earliest vaping stores established here in Pakistan with top international level vaping devices flavours and accessories. We have been in the industry for the past 5 years now and became the pioneers of the vaping community primarily in Karachi. With the success and love of the KV community we are now expanding to other cities all over Pakistan. We recently expanded the vaping culture to Hyderabad, being the first vaping store there in the city. We also plan to open more stores here in our very own karachi so that maximum amount of people have access to premium quality vaping goods.