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VLADDIN Red Bull 30ml is an invigorating blend of the original Red Bull energy drink with a hint of menthol. This premium e-liquid provides a burst of energy, while the menthol offers a cool and refreshing finish. VLADDIN Red Bull 30ml is an ideal choice for anyone looking to enjoy a classic energy drink flavor without the sugar crash.

This unique blend of bold flavor and nicotine salts creates a smooth and satisfying experience that’s perfect for those looking to switch from cigarettes to vaping. Thanks to its nicotine salt formulation, VLADDIN Red Bull 30ml delivers a strong nicotine hit without the harsh throat hit that can often accompany traditional e-liquids.

VLADDIN Red Bull 30ml is crafted using only the highest-quality ingredients, ensuring a quality vaping experience with every puff. The 30ml bottle contains a high concentration of nicotine salts, so you can enjoy the full flavor of the energy drink without having to vape large amounts of liquid.

If you’re looking for an energy boost without the sugar crash, VLADDIN Red Bull 30ml is the perfect choice. This e-liquid not only provides an invigorating flavor but also delivers a strong nicotine hit, ensuring you get the satisfaction you crave. Whether you’re looking for a nicotine alternative to cigarettes or just a flavorful way to get an energy boost, VLADDIN Red Bull 30ml is the perfect e-liquid for you.


  • Flavor Profile: Red Bull Energy Drink with Ice
  • Nicotine level: 30mg, 50mg
  • Bottle Size: 30ml

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Nicotine Level

30 MG, 50 MG


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