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Lollidrip Grapefruit 60ml Vape Juice Price In Pakistan

Grapefruit: Fresh grapefruit flavor blended to e-juice perfection. This flavor is tart, sweet, and fruity.

Grapefruit by Lollidrip 60ml has arrived to satisfy your sugar cravings without the actual sugar, in all its fruity candy glory for Vapers to experience.

Who doesn’t love a nice, sugary and fruity lollipop from time-to-time? Well, Lollidrip has arrived to satisfy your sugar cravings without the actual sugar. Imagine being able to suck on candies all day long without giving a single thought to the calories or the potential cavities. Grapefruit by Lollidrip 60ml treats you to that wonderful experience, while allowing your tongue to get absolutely sucked in everyone’s favorite citrus nectar.

At first, the subtle tartness of fresh, juicy grapefruit makes the palate quiver with intrigue. Then, the bold, bright and zesty notes of citrusy goodness make you feel a wave of pleasure wash over your body. The fruity juice soaks into every taste bud before intense sweetness starts to take over, just like your favorite confection. On the exhale, you’ll find yourself in a state of profound bliss. This vape is an excellent choice for all-day enjoyment, so grab it and experience it for yourself.

Grapefruit Experience a delicious blend of grapefruit that offers the perfect amount of zest with every vape.

  • Flavor Profile: Grapefruit
  • VG/PG: 70/30
  • Nicotine Level: 3MG
  • Bottle Size: 60ML

Available In Pakistan

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Nicotine Level

3 MG


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