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Buy Canna Cotton Orgagnic Avaialble In Pakistan

Even organic cotton will not escape innovation. Various ways of production and processing affect properties such as absorbency, durability and flavor. Canna Cotton goes even further and adds hemp fiber to the pure organic cotton base. As a result, Canna Cotton consists of 80% organic cotton and 20% hemp fiber. This gives it much more heat and burning resistance. The problem with dry hits are thus significantly reduced compared to conventional cotton.

Canna Cotton 20% Hemp  80% Organic Cotton

Evcigarettes now proudly carries Canna Cotton, the first worldwide brand to use hemp along with organic cotton, for an extremely heat resistant blend!  Using patented hemp fiber technology, Canna Cotton reduces dry hits due to the high heat resistance, essentially eliminating that lingering burnt taste that can occur with dry hits on other brands of cotton.  Even better, Canna Cotton has excellent fiber absorption and fiber retention under high temperatures and constant saturation, meaning longer cotton life and fewer leaks!


  • 4″ Cotton Strips
  • Zero Break-In Time
  • 100% Tasteless
  • Virtually No Dry Hits
  • User Friendly
  • Food Grade PET Resealable Package
  • 10g Total Weight

Box Contents

  • 1x Pack of Canna Cotton (10g)


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